Sunday, March 20, 2011

Receive 5% Off Everyday with Target REDcard Debit or Credit Cards

Target is offering a 5% discount EVERYDAY simply for using their REDcard with your purchase.  When you apply for a REDcard, you have a choice of either the Credit Card or Debit Card.

The REDcard debit card is FREE and works like this:  You apply for it at either the cash register or service desk by taking them a check that will be used to link your new card to your checking account.  The process is short and sweet.  You will be able to use your temporary card immediately and your new one will arrive in the mail within 1-2 weeks.  From this point forward, instead of using your regular Debit card, use your REDcard debit card for an immediate 5% off.  No waiting for anything - it shows up right there and then!  AND you can still donate 1% to your favorite K-12 school by going to and registering your new card.