Friday, March 16, 2012

Dropps Laundry Detergent Pacs: Review & Giveaway!

I recently had the opportunity to try Dropps Laundry Detergent 6X Concentrated Pacs.  At first, I wasn't quite sure what to think of them, since I don't customarily use detergent pacs to do my laundry.  My first impression was that they couldn't possibly clean my clothes the way I want them to be cleaned.  The pacs were smaller than the pacs I used to wash my dishes!

I have to admit, I was wrong.  These little pacs really do provide everything they promise in their 6X concentrated packaging.  First, I washed my bedding and was pleasantly surprised that they came out fresh smelling.  Next, I washed my bath towels.  I half expected them to come out stiff or not smell fresh.  Again, I was wrong.  They smelled great!  And that's considering I used the Scent, Dye & Enzyme Free Pacs!

Dropps Laundry Detergent 6X Concentrated Pacs contain an innovative formula that is tough on dirt, but easy on your favorite clothes.  They are also convenient because the tiny pre-measured formula comes in a "toss-and-go" pac that dissolves completely in the wash.  Plus they conserve water, plastic and energy because of the tiny footprint they will leave on the planet.  In addition, less fuel will be used to ship the little guys to consumers like you and me!

I have totally fallen in love with Dropps Laundry Detergent 6X Concentrated Pacs!  To learn more about where you can find Dropps Laundry Detergent 6X Concentrated Pacs, you can go HERE. You can also order them on line by going HERE.

Meantime, why not enter yourself in the drawing?  Not only will you receive the Dropps Laundry Detergent 6X Concentrated 20 count Pac, but the Dropps Fabric Softener 16 count Pacs!  Good luck!
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